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Terms and conditions of use

This document, and all the content of the website are offered by A-pay, in this term represented only by (“A-SOLUTIONS”)"A-SOLUÇÕES", which regulates all rights and obligations with everyone who accesses the website, referred to in this term as "User", caveat all rights provided for in the legislation, subscribed in the clauses below as a requirement for access, visits and Use of the same, registered with the domain
Permanence on the website automatically implies the reading and tacit acceptance of these terms of use below, having been updated on March 7, 2022.


This site was created and developed with the purpose of bringing informative, technical and commercial content of the A-Pay web Payment platform, as being developed in two layers (Site and API), for due tasks
A-Pay commits its users, customers and Partners to the creation of content based on rules and laws, developed by professionals in the area, bringing knowledge within everyone's reach, as well as the dissemination of updates regarding the services.
ll content on this site was developed based on reliable sources and materials, as well as based on scientific studies, through high-level research, with periodic updates, however, it may contain multimedia articles or not, and may not be updated in in relation to the PARTNER ENTITIES, and A-Pay cannot be held responsible in any way or by any means for such associated incidents.
It is the user's responsibility to use all the information present on the site with a critical sense, using it only as a source of information, resorting to specialists in the area for the concrete solution of their conflict.


This document, called “Terms of Use”website, read and understand all clauses of the same, since it establishes between the COMPANY and the USERS rights and obligations between both parties, expressly accepting and understanding all the clauses, as well as fully agreeing with each one of them, this acceptance being essential for the permanence in the same.
If the VISITOR disagrees with any clause or term of this contract, he must immediately interrupt his navigation in all ways and means, being able to be updated periodically with the exception of the right to change, without any kind of prior notice and communication, leaving the users a prior reading before continuing your navigation.


This term may contain some specific words that may not be common knowledge among them:

  • User: Each and every user of the site, in any form and by any means, who access via computer, notebook, tablet, cell phone or any other means, to the company's website or platform.
  • Browsing: The act of visiting pages and content on the company's website or platform.
  • Cookies: Small text files automatically generated by the website and transmitted to the visitor's browser, which serve to improve the visitor's usability.
  • Login: Visitor access data when registering with the COMPANY, divided between username and password, which gives access to restricted functions of the site
  • Hyperlink: These are clickable links that may appear on the website or in the content, which lead to another page of the COMPANY or external website.
  • Offline: When the site or platform is unavailable and cannot be accessed externally by any user.
In case of doubts about any terms or expressions used in this term, the USER should contact the COMPANY through the communication channels found in the footer of the website or in the APP.


The Site and platform work normally 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, but there may be minor interruptions temporarily for adjustments, maintenance, change of servers, technical failures or force majeure, which may make the site unavailable for some moments.
The COMPANY is not responsible for the temporary unavailability of operations in relation to the completion of the processes, which may be caused to users, given that the interconnection/connection and Financial Operations are the entire responsibility of SISP, as the Management entity of transactions and Bank Interconnections.
Access to the site is allowed to everyone, regardless of their age, having knowledge and full lucidity, being responsible for their own actions as well as the purchase operations, payments and/or recharges made, having to carry out a Registration/registration with the platform, which can be through gmail, social networks, or associate a personalized email, the USER must fill in a form with their data and information, to have access to a restricted part, or make a purchase.
All data are protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Law, and when registering/registering with the website, the USER fully agrees to the collection of data in accordance with the Law and the COMPANY's Privacy Policy


The VISITOR, when using the COMPANY website, fully agrees to:

  • In no way or means carry out any type of action that tries to invade, hack, destroy or harm the structure of the website, platform of the COMPANY or its commercial partners, including, limiting itself to sending computer viruses, DDOS attacks, access due to failures of the same or any other ways and means.
  • Not to carry out undue disclosure in the website comments, SPAM content, competing companies, viruses, content that does not have copyright or any other that is not relevant to the discussion of that text, video or image.
  • Prohibition of reproducing any content on the site or platform without expressed authorization, being liable civilly and criminally for the same.
  • With the site's Privacy Policy, we also process data relating to registration and site visits, and at any time and in any way, request their deletion, through the contact form.

A-Pay is exclusively dedicated to Electronic Commerce and at this stage only provides the services of:

  • PAYMENT of Invoices (Entity, Reference, Amount) in accordance with those provided by SISP;
  • RECHARGES (Mobile Phones, Prepaid Counters and Sol Atlântico Passes)
NOTE: A-SOLUÇÕES, is not responsible for the technical descriptions, prices and other characteristics of the Products, service, having the ENTITIES that own the same all the inherent Responsibilities. In case of doubts or anomalies with the INVOICES received, USERS must immediately contact the owner ENTITIES in order to clarify with clarity the information contained therein.

7 - MONETARY (Fees and Costs)

USERS will not pay any additional fees, nor any commissions or compensation for the use of the API/PLTFORM, for payments of Invoices or Recharges of the services available therein.
In the case of PAYMENTS, with CREDIT Cards (Visa, MasterCard and others), a fee of 2.5% is paid to SISP on the value, for use of the Card, which has nothing to do with the A-Pay services and Solutions .


It is the responsibility of USERS to contact the ENTITIES that own the Services, indicating all the REFERENCES of the transactions on the platform (Receipt.pdf, Transaction Codes, Type of Services, Invoice information, as well as the exact date and time of processing) to be treated with due professionalism and confidentiality, between the involved parties.
The decisions to be taken must be between the USERS and the ENTITIES that own the Services, without any penalty or liability to the “A-Pay” platform, reserving the right of the “Good Name”, being prohibited the right of response and criminal proceedings in case of violation of this point (defamation, slander), or other misuse of the features provided.

9 - GENERAL AND LEGISLATIVE TERMS will present hyperlinks throughout your navigation, which may lead directly to other internal or external PAGES (SISP).
When using or interacting with us (emails, text messages (SMS), Messenger or otherwise) from any electronic device, you will be communicating electronically with A-Pay, authorizing us to send you electronic responses via various means, such as emails, text messages (SMS), messages in applications, or to provide you with information on the website or other communication channels, having agreed to our policies in accordance with applicable laws.
“A-SOLUÇÕES” does not interfere in the commercial or business policies of its partners, so it is RELEASED of sanctions, except for the techniques related to the access and functionalities of the PLATFORM, through a technical audit of proven professionals, being able to become a judicial forum based on Cape Verdean law.
In the event of any legal disputes between the VISITOR and the COMPANY, the forum chosen for the due action will be that of the district where the Owner ENTITIES are located or agreed between the Parties.

This Term of Use enters into force on March 7, 2022 with indefinite validity, subject to Periodic Updates.


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Make your operations and transactions safe with guarantees of all encryption and digital security measures (SSL, TLS,...), System time-out, TransCode and the SecurityCode!
Confirm with your finger (fingerprint) all operations, ensuring that you are not being stolen or deceived, when authorizing any transactions
Avoid risks, keep your “money” safe using A-Pay!
Always remember that better safe than sorry.


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